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   This is color runner. It is a more modern take on the classic minigame of tntrun. 

   This works very much like tntrun, but instead of having multiple layers on which you     can fall, the blocks get more and more damaged as you run on them and eventually       break.

    For Multiplayer : The winner is the last person standing

    For Single-player : You play on your own and try to survive for as long as possible.


Multiplayer compatible

Single player compatible

1.13+/1.14 compatible

Unique Entity Count: 6

Intuitive chat based user interface (I am such a good advertiser)


Install instructions

Download the .zip file and don't extract it.

Navigate to your world save and inside it you'll find a folder named datapacks, open it and place the .zip file inside it.

Launch minecraft, open your world and type /reload.

You're done!


Color Runner By Ripstikerpro.zip 4 kB

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